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CEA Dynamism Characters by MadMouseMedia CEA Dynamism Characters by MadMouseMedia
A game very lightly based on expansions of the White Wolf campaigns in the World of Darkness in which I've been able to let my darker side run free. I've mixed elements from NeverWhere, Dark Angel, and the X-files to make a new horror campaign who's protagonist happens to be wheelchair bound. Hi Falco!

Presenting interesting challenges.

Above are some fast sketches I did while adjusting my pen tool. Mostly done because I wanted very baddly to draw Johnny.

I'd fallen in love with his personality given how different he is from any other character I've ever made. First he can't stand animals or being dirty, he's very ... anti Politically Correct...he is exceptionally metrosexual, caring more about the label on his back than how it really makes him look, and he's of the Roman Chatholic denomination giving him a conflict between his money and his sense of morality.

He's a big bucket of strange contradictions that somehow have worked. And it helps he's cute to boot eh?

China is ironically not from China. She's an Israeli woman who's genetic abilities allow her the ability to change her appearance (hair and skin color) similar to lizards and frogs. She's got the personality however of a back alley mongrel. There are reasons...

Lastly is Lily, who is one of the first of the group I wanted to draw. I don't know what she's pointing at though. Her past remains a mystery even to the others of the unit but she has in place of her eyes, a sixth sense that has kept more the one person alive in the campaign. Unlike the others, she is not a physical fighter and follows more the teachings of "father" aka Azryel (not shown). Quiet and sensitive, she is the moral center of the small band fighting the secret war for humanity.

Songs listened to while sketching
"Citizen Soldiers" by three doors down
"Bump in the Night" By Allstars
"Room of Angel" from Silent Hill 4

art and game concept (c) Madmousemedia
PoldalleLovesnare Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Interesting little group! lol
MadMouseMedia Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2010
It's a start. Too Characters to get written up.
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